Russia, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Ukrainian attacks on border areas in connection with Russian invasion – Russia [Update 107]

Update 2024-04-18: everal people were injured on Wednesday night (17 April, local time) after Ukrainian army carried out artillery attacks targeting Belgorod Oblast. Reportedly, the Russian air defense system destroyed multiple shells, missiles, drones and rocket launchers during the attack over […]

Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops in the east of the country – Ukraine [Update 232]

Update 2024-04-17 (2): Russian forces conducted an airstrike on Wednesday evening (17 April, local time) targeting the city of Beryslav in the Kherson Oblast. Reportedly, at least one person was injured, while material damage was also reported. Update 2024-04-17 (1): The Ukrainian […]