Myanmar, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: More protests against the military takeover in several cities – Myanmar [Update 18]

Update 2021-02-15 (5): As of Monday night (15 February) a near-total internet shutdown has again been imposed on Myanmar.

Update 2021-02-15 (4): According to recent media reports, the shots fired in Mandalay were apparently rubber bullets.

Update 2021-02-15 (3): According to local media reports, shots were fired during a demonstration in the city of Mandalay. It was initially unclear whether the shots were rubber bullets or live ammunition. There are reports of numerous casualties. Security forces are also reported to have fired into buildings.

Update 2021-02-15 (2): According to further reports, water cannons were used against demonstrators in the city of Naypyidaw on Monday (15 February). In Yangon, demonstrations are concentrated in front of the United States and Chinese embassies.

Update 2021-02-15 (1): On Monday (15 February), security precautions were once again drastically increased countrywide. However, internet access was restored on Monday morning (local time), but still not all sites can be accessed. New demonstrations have already been reported from Dawei and Yangon.