Myanmar, Demonstration / Riot, Level 4: Ongoing protests against the military takeover in several cities – Myanmar [Update 10]

Update 2021-03-11 (4): According to media reports, at least eleven protestors died on Thursday (11 March), including two who died of previous injuries.

Update 2021-03-11 (3): According to further reports, at least two demonstrators were also shot dead in the cities of Mandalay and Bago. Several other demonstrators were injured. There are various reports of targeted killings of protesters by the security forces using guns.

Update 2021-03-11 (2): Violent clashes between security forces and protesters were also reported in the city of Myaing. At least five people were killed, according to recent reports.

Update 2021-03-11 (1): On Thursday (11 March), at least one protester was killed in the North Dagon Township of Yangon.