Myanmar, Demonstration / Riot, Level 4: Ongoing protests against the military takeover in several cities – Myanmar [Update 17]

Update 2021-03-14 (5): On Sunday (14 March), martial law was imposed by the military leadership over the districts of Hlaing Tharyar and Shwepyitha, following massive demonstrations and clashes with security forces.

Update 2021-03-14 (4): According to further reports on Sunday (14 March), at least 22 protesters were killed in clashes in Rangoon’s Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone. Overall, 40 people thus died on Sunday (14 March).

Update 2021-03-14 (3): On Sunday (14 March), at least 18 people were killed during the nationwide protests against the military coup, 16 of them in Rangoon, another person in Hpakant and one in Mandalay city. Fires broke out in several factories in the Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone in Rangoon in connection with the protests.

Update 2021-03-14 (2): According to further reports, there were more deaths in connection with the protests against the military coup. Several people were killed in western Rangoon, and one person was killed in Hpakant in Kachin State.

Update 2021-03-14 (1): On Sunday (14 March), at least one protester was killed by gunfire from security forces in Bago, near Yangon.