United Kingdom, Epidemic, Level 4: COVID-19 pandemic – United Kingdom [Update 226]

Update 2021-03-29 (2): On Monday (29 March), the “Stay at Home” Order was lifted in the United Kingdom. Moreover, as of Monday (29 March), outdoor gatherings of up to six people from a maximum of two households are again permitted.

Update 2021-03-29 (1): According to German authorities on Monday (29 March), there is an entry ban in the United Kingdom for countries with virus mutations. This entry ban also applies to travelers who have stayed in one of these countries for 10 days before entering the United Kingdom, as well as to transit travelers. As of 06 April, truck drivers entering the country will be subject to mandatory testing after entry if their stay exceeds 48 hours. In addition, up to two additional tests will then be required every 72 hours.