Sweden, Epidemic, Level 5: COVID-19 pandemic – Sweden [Update 49]

Update 2021-03-31 (3): Contrary to statements by German authorities, the entry ban for people from outside the Schengen area will remain in effect until 31 May, according to British authorities on Wednesday (31 March). A detailed list of groups of people exempt from the entry ban can be found here. All travellers must also undergo a COVID-19 PCR test on the day of arrival and for five days thereafter.

Update 2021-03-31 (2): According to media reports Wednesday (31 March), the Swedish government has extended COVID-19 containment measures for food service establishments and retail stores until at least 03 May.

Update 2021-03-31 (1): The ban on entering Sweden (coming from Denmark, Norway or the United Kingdom) ended on Wednesday (31 March), according to information from the Federal Foreign Office. Furthermore, it is pointed out that non-compliance with the test regulations (e.g. exceeding the 48-hour period or presenting a test result in German instead of English) has been known to lead to rejection at the border. Transit through Sweden is possible, although subject to limitations from the Swedish official side.