Myanmar, Demonstration / Riot, Level 5: Ongoing protests against the military takeover in several cities – Myanmar [Update 1]

Update 2021-05-02: According to media reports, thousands of Myanmar citizens again demonstrated against the military leadership of their country in Yangon, Mandalay and Shan State in the north of the country on Sunday (02 May). On Sunday evening (02 May, local time) at least one demonstrator was killed by security forces in Hsipaw and several explosions of unknown origin took place in township.

2021-05-02: Spontaneous protests against the country’s military leadership took place in Yangon on Saturday (01 May). An explosive device went off in Insein township on Saturday morning (01 May, local time). In the town of Yankin, further south, two explosive devices also detonated on Saturday (01 May). It is currently unclear whether the explosions injured or killed anyone.
Heightened security measures are to be expected, local traffic disruptions are possible. Violent incidents cannot be ruled out. Travellers should avoid demonstrations and follow instructions by authorities.