India, Epidemic, Level 5: COVID-19 pandemic – India [Update 243]

Update 2021-05-05 (3): On Wednesday (05 May), the West Bengal government announced further restrictions. Large sections of public transport will be suspended from Thursday (06 May) and capacity limits will apply in transport vehicles that continue to operate. People travelling by public transport from other states will need a negative PCR test not more than 72 hours old. As of Friday (07 May), this also applies at airports. In addition, COVID-19 tests will be carried out when entering the state via an airport. People who test positive must go into quarantine for at least 14 days. Business hours will be severely restricted and gatherings of more than 50 people will generally be prohibited. Permission must be obtained for smaller gatherings.
In Sikkim, a night-time curfew between 05:00 p.m. and 09:00 a.m. (local time) will be in effect from Thursday (06 May) until at least 16 May. Travel across district boundaries has been banned.

Update 2021-05-05 (2): In large parts of Jammu and Kashmir, the current restrictions will remain in place until at least Thursday (06 May).

Update 2021-05-05 (1): Curfew in Uttar Pradesh has been extended till at least 07:00 a.m. (local time) on Monday (10 May). Shops will also have to remain closed. The decision on further extension is to be taken on Sunday (09 May).