Israel, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Attacks from the Gaza Strip and violent protests in the border area – Israel [Update 6]

Update 2021-05-10 (5): According to Hamas, more than 100 rockets were fired. The Israeli military confirmed at least 45 rockets were fired. Most of the rockets fell in the border area, but at least seven were aimed at Jerusalem and the city’s environs. So far, no casualties have been confirmed on the Israeli side.

Update 2021-05-10 (4): Another rocket damaged a building in the village of Beit Nekofa.

Update 2021-05-10 (3): So far, it has been confirmed that at least seven rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip. At least one landed in the village of Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem. Details of possible casualties are not yet known. Separate from the rocket attacks, at least one civilian was injured near the Gaza border when an anti-tank missile was fired at his vehicle.

Update 2021-05-10 (2): A few minutes after 06:00 p.m. (local time), Hamas fired several rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. Hundreds of people in Jerusalem were also evacuated to shelters.

Update 2021-05-10 (1): According to media reports, on Monday morning (10 May) three more rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Sderot. In response Israel has closed the Erez border crossing with the Gaza Strip. No damage or casualties have been reported.