Belgium, Epidemic, Level 5: COVID-19 pandemic – Belgium [Update 107]

Update 2021-05-11 (2): As was announced later in the day, restaurants will be allowed to serve food indoors again (for up to 200 people) as of 09 June. The reopening of the entertainment businesses has also been scheduled for this date.

Update 2021-05-11 (1): On Tuesday (11 May), the FCDO added to its information on the recent relaxations in Belgium. Since Saturday (08 May), 10 people are allowed to meet outside again, but only three (outside their own household) between midnight and 05:00 a.m. (local time). Two people from one household are allowed to visit another household. Outdoor events may be held with 50 people, and outdoor areas of restaurants, cafés and bars may also reopen (as previously reported).