Israel, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Attacks from the Gaza Strip and violent protests in the border area – Israel [Update 18]

Update 2021-05-13 (4): As various media reported, several rockets were fired from Lebanon at targets in Israel on Thursday (13 May). Some of the missiles landed on the Lebanese side, others came down in Shlomi in the north of Israel. So far it is unclear whether the rockets were fired from a Palestinian refugee camp or from Hezbollah.

Update 2021-05-13 (3): According to Hamas statements, several rockets were also fired at Ramon Airport in Eilat on Thursday (13 May). According to media reports, over 100 missiles and drones loaded with explosives were sent in the direction of Tel Aviv, central Israel and the south of the country. Several people were injured. Military spokespersons announced that plans for a ground offensive by the Israeli army were under consideration.

Update 2021-05-13 (2): On Thursday morning (13 May), all passenger flights to the Ben Gurion international airport were being diverted to the Ramon airport due to continuing rocket fire. Several airlines have temporarily suspended flights to Tel Aviv.

Update 2021-05-13 (1): According to media reports from Thursday (13 May), the Hamas has fired at least 1,500 rockets at Israel since Monday (10 May). Additionally, on Wednesday (12 May) one more person was killed in a rocket attack on the city of Sderot.