United Kingdom, Epidemic, Level 4: COVID-19 pandemic – United Kingdom [Update 248]

Update 2021-05-16: According to German authorities on Sunday (16 May), entry into the United Kingdom is permitted again as of Monday (17 May). It should be noted that different rules apply depending on the traveller’s country of origin and its classification by British authorities. Travellers from countries in the “green” category must declare their entry online, require a negative COVID-19 test conducted prior to entry, and must test on the second day after arrival; no quarantine requirement applies to them. For travellers from countries in the “amber” category, there is an additional requirement to perform a second test on the eighth day after arrival and a domestic quarantine requirement of 10 days with the possibility to end quarantine with a negative test on the fifth day. For travellers from countries in the “red” category, in addition to all the entry requirements already mentioned for the “yellow” category, there is an additional 10-day quarantine obligation, which must be completed in a hotel and cannot be terminated prematurely. Similar entry requirements apply in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.