South Africa, Demonstration / Riot, Level 4: Violent protests and looting in several provinces – South Africa [Update 24]

Update 2021-07-15 (4): According to media reports from Thursday (15 July), the total death toll since the beginning of the unrest has now risen to at least 117. Additionally, more than 2,200 people have been arrested.

Update 2021-07-15 (3): On Thursday (15 July), US authorities warn of the threat of supply shortages, even in parts of the country not directly affected by the unrest.

Update 2021-07-15 (2): On Wednesday (14 July), the government of South Africa announced it would deploy 25,000 troops to crack down on looting and violent protests.

Update 2021-07-15 (1): In Vosloorus on Wednesday (14 July), there were reportedly already shootings between taxi drivers and looters. The cab drivers had announced that they would take action against looters.