Thailand, Epidemic, Level 4: COVID-19 pandemic – Thailand [Update 124]

Update 2021-07-15 (2): In the “Samui Plus” initiative, only very few travelers are admitted under strict conditions. Before arrival, participants must have stayed exclusively in their home country for 21 days. A negative PCR test must be presented on entry and further tests are carried out during the stay. Travel medical insurance must also be obtained. According to these reports, strict hotel quarantine must be observed for the first three days and then the stay is restricted to certain regions of Samui. Only after two weeks, further travel to Phangan and Tao would be possible. Then free movement on Samui is also allowed.

Update 2021-07-15 (1): In addition to Samui, the islands of Tao and Phangan opened to vaccinated travelers on Thursday (15 July). People traveling to Samui have to isolate themselves in the hotel for four days and can travel to the other islands after one week if they can show a negative test. This concept is called “Samui Plus”.