Canada, Wildfire, Level 3: Hundreds of wildfires in large parts of the country – Canada [Update 6]

Update 2021-07-20 (3): Evacuation orders remain in effect in the Okanagan Valley near the towns of Oliver and Osoyoos due to a wildfire. The fire had grown significantly on Monday (19 July).

Update 2021-07-20 (2): Poor air quality warnings are in effect in Chatham-Kent and Windsor and Essex counties, as well as much of the southern part of the province, due to smoke from wildfires in northwestern Ontario. Several smaller communities have had to be evacuated because of the fires.

Update 2021-07-20 (1): According to media reports from Monday (19 July), almost 800 fires are currently active throughout the country. This has led to a significant degradation of air quality in parts of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.