Tsunami Warning! Region: 91 km ESE of Perryville, Alaska, Risk: high, Magnitude: 8.2, Time (UTC): 06:15, Maybe affected: Alaska [Update 2]

Update 2021-07-29 (2): The possibility of tsunami waves hitting the state of Hawaii cannot be ruled out either, which is why the authorities have issued a tsunami advisory for the state. If waves are also generated there, they are expected at approximately 00:53 a.m. (local time).

Update 2021-07-29 (1): The impact of possible tsunami waves is expected at the following times (in local time): Sand Point 10:55 p.m., Unalaska 11:50 p.m., Kodiak 11:55 p.m., Cold Bay 00:10 a.m., Adak 00:15 a.m., Seward 00:20 a.m., Elfin Cove 00:25 a.m., Sitka 00:30 a.m., Yakutat 00:30 a.m., Valdez 00:40 a.m., Cordova 00:50 a.m., Homer 01:00 a.m., Saint Paul 01:10 a.m.