Thailand, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Violent clashes during protests against the government – Bangkok, Thailand [Update 2]

Update 2021-08-11 (2): According to further reports, eight police officers were injured by protesters throwing fireworks.

Update 2021-08-11 (1): On Wednesday (11 August), dozens of protesters gathered again at the Victory Monument in Bangkok. Security forces again used rubber bullets. Further protests are to be expected.

2021-08-11: According to reports on Wednesday (11 August), violent clashes already occurred on Tuesday (10 August) during protests in Bangkok. Security forces used tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets, while protesters hurled firecrackers and set police checkpoints on fire. Several security forces were injured.
Heightened security measures are to be expected, local traffic disruptions are possible. Violent incidents cannot be ruled out. Travellers should avoid demonstrations and follow instructions by authorities.