Afghanistan, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Continued heavy fighting between Taliban and security forces in large parts of the country – Afghanistan [Update 84]

Update 2021-08-13 (6): On Friday (13 August), Spain also announced its intention to begin evacuating its nationals and embassy personnel. Several other Europeans countries have already vacated their embassies or are in the process of evacuation.

Update 2021-08-13 (5): The Taliban have also seized control of the Herat International Airport.

Update 2021-08-13 (4): Two more provincial capitals were peacefully handed over to the Taliban on Friday (13 August). These are Tarinkot in Uruzgan and Qalati Ghilji in Zabul. Thus, the Taliban now control 18 of the 34 provincial capitals.

Update 2021-08-13 (3): Puli Alam, the capital of Logar Province, which is only 70km away from Kabul, was also captured by the Taliban on Friday (13 August). It is suspected that Logar Province is being used to gather forces for an attack on Kabul. The Taliban also control five of the province’s seven districts. The two districts of Khoshi and Mohammad Agha, which are closest to Kabul, are currently still contested.

Update 2021-08-13 (2): According to further reports, the Taliban also took control of the capital of Ghor province, Chaghcharan (also known as Firozkoh), on Friday (13 August). The city was handed over without resistance.

Update 2021-08-13 (1): On Friday (13 August), it was announced that the Taliban had captured the cities of Lashkar Gah and Kandahar. Thus, the Islamists now control at least 14 of the country’s 34 provincial capitals.