Update 2021-08-15: According to media reports from Sunday (15 August), the ban on flights to and from Nigeria will be extended until at least Friday (20 August).

Update 2021-08-15 (8): According to US military officials as of late Sunday evening (15 August, local time), the Kabul airport was closed for commercial flights, but military evacuation flights still continue.

Update 2021-08-15 (7): On Sunday evening (15 August, local time), US authorities have reported a firefight at the Kabul airport.

Update 2021-08-15 (6): Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country as Taliban forces begin to enter Kabul.

Update 2021-08-15 (5): The German embassy in Kabul was closed from Sunday (15 August). Other countries also closed their diplomatic missions in the Afghan capital.

Update 2021-08-15 (4): The Afghan Interior Minister also confirmed that there would be no fighting in Kabul. He said the government was in negotiations with the Taliban to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Update 2021-08-15 (3): According to their own statements, the Taliban instructed their fighters not to enter the city of Kabul in order to avoid fighting in the city itself. The entrances to the city are said to have been occupied by the Islamists.

Update 2021-08-15 (2): On Sunday (15 August), the Afghan Ministry of Interior announced that the Taliban had launched the attack on Kabul from all sides. Details on the situation in the city are not yet known.

Update 2021-08-15 (1): On Sunday (15 August), the Taliban captured Jalalabad, the last major city in Afghanistan apart from Kabul. The city had been surrendered without a fight.