Afghanistan, Demonstration / Riot, Level 4: Riots in Kabul after the Taliban surrounded the city – Afghanistan [Update 4]

Update 2021-08-16 (4): According to latest reports, two gunmen were killed by US security forces at Kabul airport. The US military took control of the airport. Flights were temporarily impossible as thousands blocked the runways.

Update 2021-08-16 (3): According to media reports, at least three people were killed by gunfire at the airport on Monday (16 August).

Update 2021-08-16 (2): To prevent looting, Afghan authorities suspended all commercial flights from Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul on Monday (16 August). Earlier, there had been tumultuous scenes there. The population is called upon not to come to the airport.

Update 2021-08-16 (1): Chaotic scenes are also taking place at Kabul International Airport since Sunday evening (15 August, local time). Hundreds of people poured onto the tarmac, as seen in numerous social media posts. According to media reports on Monday (16 August), US troops fired into the air several times.