Afghanistan, Terrorism, Level 4: Several explosions in the vicinity of the airport; security warnings – Kabul, Afghanistan [Update 10]

Update 2021-08-29 (3): According to the latest reports, the explosion was a drone strike by the US military against a vehicle linked to IS-K. The vehicle was reportedly loaded with explosives. The vehicle was reportedly loaded with explosives. Media report at least one civilian casualty.

Update 2021-08-29 (2): On Sunday (29 August), various media reported another explosion in Kabul. A house near the airport was reportedly hit by a rocket. There were no reports of possible casualties.

Update 2021-08-29 (1): According to US authorities, the risk of a terrorist attack at Kabul Airport is also very high at the South (Airport Circle) gate, at the new Ministry of the Interior, and at the gate near the Panjshir Petrol station north-west of the airport. Authorities are advising to immediately leave the area due to a specific and credible threat.