Lebanon, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Several killed an injured at Hezbolla rally – Beirut, Lebanon [Update 3]

Update 2021-10-14 (3): According to German authorities, there were also violent clashes in the neighbourhoods of Furn El Chebbak and Ain El Remmaneh. It is possible that there will also be riots in other places in the country.

Update 2021-10-14 (2): According to recent reports, at least six people were killed in the attack on the demonstration. All victims are said to have been participants in the protest march. The fire was reportedly opened from a predominantly Christian neighbourhood.
An absolute curfew is in place in the Tayouneh area. The military announced the use of force in case of violations of the order. Nevertheless, clashes occurred over several hours, during which firearms and grenades were used.

Update 2021-10-14 (1): According to further reports, heavy armed clashes are still ongoing in the Tayouneh and Chiyah areas of Beirut. The army has been deployed to these areas and the number of victims has risen to at least three dead and 20 others injured.