Australia, Epidemic, Level 4: COVID-19 pandemic – Australia [Update 227]

Update 2021-10-18 (3): According to media reports, the ban on outbound travel will be lifted from 01 November and the Australian international digital vaccination certificate will be available from Tuesday (19 October). Also from 01 November, the state of New South Wales will permit entry to a strictly limited number of unvaccinated people, but unvaccinated travellers will have to undergo a two-week hotel quarantine.

Update 2021-10-18 (2): The lockdown in Tasmania will be lifted on Monday at 06:00 p.m. (18 October, local time). However, the general mask requirement outdoors will remain in place until at least Friday (22 October).

Update 2021-10-18 (1): On Monday (18 October), the mask requirement and restrictions on private gatherings in the Sydney metropolitan area were further relaxed. Nightclubs are allowed to reopen under restrictions.
From 17 December, travellers from Sydney and Melbourne are to be able to travel to Queensland quarantine-free.