United States, Epidemic, Level 4: COVID-19 pandemic – United States [Update 253]

Update 2021-12-02 (2): From next week, the United States will require all inbound international travellers to test within 24 hours of departure, regardless of nationality or vaccination status. In addition, the requirement for travellers to wear face coverings has been extended through 18 March 2022.

Update 2021-12-02 (1): As of next week, the testing guidelines for travel to the United States are to be tightened. The negative test will then only be allowed to be up to 24 hours old upon departure. According to initial reports, both PCR and antigen tests will be accepted. A detailed announcement on the new measures is expected on Thursday evening (02 December, local time). At the same time, the mask requirement in public transport is to be extended until at least 18 March.