Germany, Epidemic, Level 4: COVID-19 pandemic – Germany [Update 480]

Update 2021-12-05: On Sunday (05 December), the so called “2G-Plus rule” was clarified in Baden-Württemberg: Persons with booster vaccination are exempt from the obligation to test under the 2G-Plus rule. Vaccinated persons who have not been fully immunised for more than six months and convalescents who have not been infected for more than six months are also exempt.

Update 2021-12-04 (2): As of Monday (06 December), only vaccinated and recovered persons will have access to retail outlets in Saxony-Anhalt. Several shops for everyday needs are exempt. For events, vaccinated and recovered persons must also show a current negative test. In addition, only half the capacity of the venue, up to 5,000 people indoors and 15,000 outdoors, may be used. Unvaccinated people are allowed to meet in private with two people from another household.

Update 2021-12-04 (1): As of Saturday (04 December), the COVID-19 restrictions will be further tightened in Baden-Württemberg. Among other things, the 2G rule has been extended to more areas such as retail (excluding essential shops). For gastronomic establishments, fitness studios and other recreational facilities, the so-called 2G-Plus regulation applies, this means that even vaccinated and recovered individuals must present a current negative COVID-19 test to gain entry. However, those who have already received a booster vaccination are exempt from this testing requirement. For details, see the link below.