United States, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Violent spring break festival and curfew – Miami Beach, United States [Update 1]

Correction 2022-03-22: The curfew begins at midnight (local time) on Thursday (24 March).

2022-03-21: According to media reports, between Sunday (20 March) and Monday (21 March) at least five people were injured in two shootings during spring break activities on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. At least four police officers were also injured while dispersing the crowds at Ocean Drive. Therefore, local authorities declared a curfew in Miami Beach starting on Thursday (24 March), at around 12 pm (local time). The curfew will end on Monday (28 March), at around 6 am (local time).
Heightened security measures are to be expected, local traffic disruptions are possible. Violent incidents cannot be ruled out. Travellers should avoid demonstrations and follow instructions by authorities.