Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Military invasion by the Russian army – Ukraine [Update 201]

Update 2022-03-22 (6): According to Ukrainian sources, powerful bombs hit Mariupol amid evacuations. As a result, 200,000 civilians are said to remain trapped in the city. In addition, pro-Russian separatists are said to have trapped an aid convoy in the village of Manhush near Mariupol. Employees of the Ukrainian Civil Defence are said to have been taken hostage. In the city of Pavlohrad in the Dnipropetrovsk region, a railway station was reportedly hit by a Russian missile. One person was reportedly killed. In addition, 15 goods trains were derailed by the impact. In Kyiv, at least one civilian was reportedly killed by a drone strike on a research institute. In contrast, the Ukrainian armed forces are said to have succeeded in encircling Russian troops in Butsha, northwest of Kyiv. 

Update 2022-03-22 (5): According to US officials, the Russian navy had gathered seven ships in the Sea of Azov and was firing on the port city of Mariupol from the sea due to supply problems in the army. According to Ukrainian sources, Russian troops attacked a children’s hospital in the city of Zyverodonetsk in Luhansk Oblast. At least 23 people were rescued from the building.

Update 2022-03-22 (4): Russian airstrikes on the town of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine have killed at least five people and injured at least 19 others, according to recent reports. The attacks took place on Monday night (21 March, local time).

Update 2022-03-22 (3): On Tuesday morning (22 March, local time), the Ukrainian military managed to fully or partially recapture the Kyiv suburbs of Bucha, Hostomel and Irpin in the north-west of the city.

Update 2022-03-22 (2): According to the Russian government, the Russian military and troops of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic have gained ground in the region. Several villages near the city of Donetsk are currently being fought over. Several villages in Luhansk have also been captured.

Update 2022-03-22 (1): As it is suspected that an attack is imminent in the town of Boryspil, the civilian population has been called upon to leave the town.