Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Military invasion by the Russian army – Ukraine [Update 321]

Update 2022-04-18 (6): At least three civilians were killed in Russian attacks on the city of Kharkiv on Monday (18 April). According to reports, fires broke out in Rubishne after explosions occurred in the small town. In addition, Ukrainian soldiers shelled Russian army positions in Rubishne from Novodrushechsk. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia has begun the expected large-scale offensive in eastern Ukraine. According to the report, advances are expected from Izum in the Kharkiv region in the direction of Slowyansk and Barvinkov in the Donetsk region. The town of Kreminna has already been lost.

Update 2022-04-18 (5): At least six people were killed and at least eight others injured in the attacks on the city of Lviv on Monday (18 April). Civilians are reportedly among the victims.

Update 2022-04-18 (4): According to the Ukrainian military, most of the attacks in the east of the country are currently taking place around the towns of Lyman, Kreminna, Popasna and Rubishne. In addition, attempts are being made to establish an outpost near the town of Sievierodonetsk. It is also expected that there will be more attacks on Kharkiv and in the south of the country in the near future. It is suspected that the Russian military wants to advance to the borders of Kherson there.

Update 2022-04-18 (3): According to further reports, there were also explosions from rocket attacks in Kiev and Dnipro. In Dnipro, several people were reportedly injured.

Update 2022-04-18 (2): Several missiles hit the city of Lviv on Monday (18 April). At least five impacts are reported.

Update 2022-04-18 (1): According to media reports on Monday (18 April), at least two people were killed and at least four others injured in attacks on the towns of Marinka and Novopol west of Donetsk.