Sri Lanka, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Nationwide demonstrations due to the current economic crisis – Sri Lanka [Update 17]

Update 2022-04-19 (4): Since Tuesday (19 April), a curfew is in place in the town of Rambukkana northeast of Colombo.

Update 2022-04-19 (3): Due to road blockades near the parliament building in Colombo, heavy traffic congestion is reported in the areas of Rajagiriya, Battaramulla, Pelawatta and Kotte. Due to a protest march in Thunmulla, a severe traffic jam has occurred on roads in that specific area. In case of the deadly protests in Rambukkana, the army has been called in.

Update 2022-04-19 (2): Media reported on Tuesday (19 April), that at least one protester was shot dead by security forces. Also, at least 10 others were wounded, when security forces used live ammunition against a group of protesters, which blocked a highway in Rambukkana.

Update 2022-04-19 (1): On Tuesday (19 April) tens of thousands of angry motorists burned tyres and blocked a major road leading into the capital in a spontaneous protest about a severe fuel shortage.