Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Military invasion by the Russian army – Ukraine [Update 325]

Update 2022-04-19 (4): According to media reports, Ukrainian troops still refuse to decommission weapons at the Asovstal steel plant. Instead, fierce fighting continues in Mariupol. Fighting is also taking place in the small town of Poholy in the Zaporizhzhya region. According to Ukrainian authorities, the small town of Marjinka is once again under the control of Ukrainian forces. There is also increased fighting on the ground southwest of Donetsk in Izum. 

Update 2022-04-19 (3): According to media reports, Russian forces in Mariupol have announced a unilateral ceasefire. Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are still reported to be at the Asovtal steel plant in Mariupol. Russian attacks on Kharkiv have killed at least three people and injured at least 16 other civilians.

Update 2022-04-19 (2): According to further information from the Russian Defense Ministry, dozens of military objects have been bombed since Monday (18 April), including two Ukrainian missile sites southeast of Kharkiv. A Ukrainian warplane was shot down southwest of Kharkiv. 

Update 2022-04-19 (1): According to Russia’s defence ministry on Tuesday (19 April), dozens of air strikes hit parts of the Donbas overnight (local time), including the key town of Slovyansk.