Sri Lanka, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Nationwide demonstrations due to the current economic crisis – Sri Lanka [Update 45]

Update 2022-05-10 (5): In response to the escalating crisis the Indian Vistara airline has suspended all flights to Sri Lanka.

Update 2022-05-10 (4): The Defence ministry on Tuesday (10 May), issued orders to shoot on sight “anyone looting public property or causing harm to life.” The British FCDO reports that international travellers may use their passports and flight tickets as curfew passes to travel to and from the airport.

Update 2022-05-10 (3): On Tuesday (10 May), protesters assaulted a member of the security forces near the prime minister’s residence and torched his vehicle. Security forces fired warning shots.

Update 2022-05-10 (2): Media reported on Tuesday (10 May), that protesters blocked the entrance to Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo to prevent the country’s lawmakers to leave the country. On Monday (9 May), homes and businesses belonging to ruling party lawmakers were set ablaze. On Tuesday (10 May), hundreds of protesters defied the curfew in Colombo and chanted slogans against the government. Meanwhile, the government gave emergency powers to its military. Security forces can now detain people without warrants.

Update 2022-05-10 (1): The former prime minister was evacuated and brough to safety by security forces. At least ten petrol bombs were reportedly thrown into the compound of the prime minister’s residence. On Tuesday (10 May), according to media reports, streets of Colombo were calm. The curfew in place would be lifted by Wednesday morning (11 May, local time).