Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Military invasion by the Russian army – Ukraine [Update 466]

Update 2022-07-05: Media reported on Tuesday (5 July) that Ukrainian units repelled advances by Russian attackers in the north of Slowyansk and near Dolyna in the Donetsk region. A Russian attack north of Novoluhanske was also repelled.

Update 2022-07-04: According to media reports on Monday (4 July), Russian units are trying to gain control of the villages of Bohorodytschne, Dolyna and Masaniwka. These are located in front of the city of Slowyansk. From the east, Russian attackers are trying to push Ukrainian defenders back to Siversk, Soledar and Bachmut.

Update 2022-07-03 (2): The mayor of Sloviansk has stated that Russian troops have shelled the city of Sloviansk on Sunday (3 July). At least six people have been killed during the attack, 15 further have been injured.
Ukrainian army has stated that it withdrew from Lysychansk.

Update 2022-07-03 (1): On Sunday (3 July), Russia claimed to fully control the strategically important city of Lysychansk. This was denied by the Ukrainian side.