Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Military invasion by the Russian army – Ukraine [Update 478]

Update 2022-07-13 (2): At least five civilians were reportedly killed by Russian shelling in the Vidovka area east of Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine on Wednesday (13 July). According to its own information, the Russian army made territorial gains near Soledar in the east. Ukrainian officials said that any attacks near Soledar had been successfully repelled. According to Ukrainian authorities, fighting is also reported to be taking place near Yakovlevka.

Update 2022-07-13 (1): According to Russian media reports on Tuesday (12 July) at least three persons were killed and eleven wounded during the Ukranian shelling in East Ukraine.
Further, at least five persons were killed during Russian shelling around the port city of Mykolaiv.
Also, the number of dead in the shelling on the locality of Chasiv Yar on Sunday (10 July) has risen to 43.