Iraq, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Turkish security operation in the north of the country – Kurdistan Region, Iraq [Update 7]

Update 2022-08-22 (2): As per the reports of Monday (22 August), the Turkish security forces announced the seizure of dangerous weapons and ammunition belonging to PKK terrorists during the operation ‘Claw-lock’’ in northern Iraq. Recovery includes two AT-4 anti-tank weapons, 2,500 rounds of PKMS 7.62mm machine guns, 13 “RPG-7” anti-tank missiles, two “RPG-7” anti-personnel grenades.

Update 2022-08-22 (1): According to the sources on Saturday (20 August), the “PKK/YPG” terrorist organizations set fire in the countryside of Sardasht village in Operation “Claw – Lock” area in northern Iraq.