Germany, Strike, Level 4: Strike at Lufthansa on 2 September – Germany [Update 6]

Update 2022-09-01 (4): Already on Thursday (1 September), according to sources, at least 100 flights have been canceled at Munich Airport. In total, around 274 Lufthansa flights have been canceled so far.

Update 2022-09-01 (3): According to media reports, a total of 800 flights will be cancelled on Friday (2 September), affecting around 130,000 passengers.

Update 2022-09-01 (2): The strike affects all Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo departures from Germany during the entire day on Friday (02 September).

Update 2022-09-01 (1): According to the sources, pilots at Lufthansa are going to strike on Friday (2 September) following the ongoing wage dispute. Notably, thousands of flights have been cancelled during the summer following the series of strikes and staff shortages. Travellers are also facing hours-long queues at airports due to the same reason.