Iraq, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Attacks by Iranian security forces on separatist camps in Northern Iraq. – Iraq [Update 4]

Update 2022-09-28 (3): According to updated reports, Iranian forces had carried out more than 70 strikes using ballistic missiles and armed drones. At least 13 persons were killed during the attacks and at least 58 injured, most of them civilians. Also, Zrgwezala was shelled.

Update 2022-09-28 (2): Media reported that a building belonging to the leftist Kurdish party Komala in Sulaymaniyya Governorate was also attacked with drones. In Erbil, six people were also reported killed in a rocket and drone attack on the PAK headquarters.

Update 2022-09-28 (1): Iranian security forces have launched another drone attack on a base of a Kurdish militia group in northern Iraq on Wednesday (28 September). This time, Iranians striked a location in the village of Koya east of Erbil. At least two people reportedly were killed, while 15 others were injured.