Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Military invasion by the Russian army – Ukraine [Update 639]

Update 2022-11-01 (2): On Tuesday (1 November), the Russian military again fired numerous cruise missiles at targets in Ukraine. In the capital Kiev, water and electricity supply were briefly disrupted due to damage to the infrastructure. The Chernihiv, Cherkassy, and Zhytomyr regions, as well as Sumy, Kharkiv, and Poltava, and the capital, Kiev, are currently experiencing power cuts due to the recurring attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure.

Update 2022-11-01 (1): As per the Russian media sources from Tuesday (1 November), the authorities of Kherson Region enhanced the evacuation zone as the Ukrainian armed forces prepared to carry out a massive rocket strike targeting the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant.