Indonesia, Earthquake, Level 4: Over one hundred people killed after magnitude 5.6 M earthquake on Java – Cianjur, Indonesia [Update 4]

Update 2022-11-21 (4): According to reports from Monday (21 November), at least 162 people died as a result of the earthquake and over 13,000 people were displaced. It has also been reported that more than 2,000 houses were damaged in the earthquake and dozens of people are reportedly still missing. The earthquake also caused power outages, however by Monday evening (21 November, local time), power had been partially restored.

Update 2022-11-21 (3): In Jakarta, several buildings were reportedly evacuated. High-rise buildings had started to vibrate. Several landslides were reported from the Cianjur area. As a result, some areas are inaccessible. Hospitals reportedly did not have enough staff to care for all the injured.

Update 2022-11-21 (2): According to the latest information, the number of fatalities rose to several dozen. Several hundred people were injured. Thousands of buildings are said to have been destroyed. According to authorities, about 25 aftershocks were registered in the two hours after the quake.

Update 2022-11-21 (1): According to the latest reports, the earthquake near the city of Cianjur killed multiple people. Hundreds were injured. Numerous buildings collapsed.

2022-11-21, Indonesia: Moderate magnitude 5.6 M earthquake
Earthquakes of this magnitude can cause damage to buildings and infrastructure. Local authorities may order inspections of runways and rail-/road-networks to assess damage. Temporary transport and traffic disruptions may occur.