Türkiye, Earthquake, Level 5: Very strong magnitude 7.8 M coastal earthquake at depth 17.93 km – Türkiye [Update 7]

Update 2023-02-06 (7): Media reported, that a hotel has been destroyed in the southeastern city of Malatya as well. Meanwhile, two more airports in the affected areas have closed due to the earthquake. The affected airports are those of Kahramanmaraş and Hatay.

Update 2023-02-06 (6): Turkish authorities reportedly have declared the highest level of state emergency over the affected areas in the southeastern provinces. Meanwhile, several strong aftershocks have been reported.

Update 2023-02-06 (5): More than thousand buildings collapsed in areas, which were affected by the earthuake. The castle of Gaziantep has reportedly been severely damaged. Gaziantep Airport has been closed for all departures and arrivals.