Spain, Wildfire, Level 3: Evacuations due to a forest fire on Mount Teide – Tenerife, Spain [Update 8]

Update 2023-08-17 (7): According to the sources from Friday (18 August), a significant amount of the territory has been damaged by a wildfire that erupted in the northeast of Tenerife, Canary Islands. Reportedly, firefighters are combating a wildfire that has generated a smoke environment that extends far high.

Update 2023-08-17 (6): It was decided to evacuate the neighborhood of Pino Alto in the municipality of La Orotava. According to reports, the main tourist areas and towns are not currently affected by the forest fire, which remains out of control. So far, 4,000 people from six municipalities in the northeast of the island have been brought to safety.

Update 2023-08-17 (5): According to recent media reports, at least 7,600 people have been affected by the forest fire. At least 250 firefighters and Spanish security forces are currently battling the flames in the north. Santa Cruz, the islands main town is 20 kilometres away from the wildfire, which is burning on the soil of the municipalities of Arafo, Candelaria, Santa Úrsula, La Victoria de Acentejo, El Rosario, and La Orotava.

Update 2023-08-17 (4): According to local media, evacuations are also carried out in Camino de La Graja, Los Eres, Lomo Juan Lian and the access to the Añavingo gorge. These areas belong to the municipality of Arafo.

Update 2023-08-17 (3): Currently, especially in the municipalities of Arafo, Candelaria, El Rosario and Güímar, there are warnings of high levels of air pollution from the fire.

Update 2023-08-17 (2): Meanwhile, at least 3,800 people are affected by the evacuations. Currently, the fire is spreading northward into an area where several campgrounds are located. In addition to the evacuation areas, people in other areas near the fire have been asked not to leave their homes.
Also affected by the evacuations are now the towns of El Rosario and La Orotava.

Update 2023-08-17 (1): On Thursday (17 August) the fire on Teide continues to burn. Access to the mountains of the island was closed to tourists. The evacuations have so far affected about 150 people. However, air traffic on Tenerife is not affected so far.