Russia, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Attacks in connection with the Russian military invasion in Ukraine – Russia [Update 178]

Update 2023-08-28 (2): According to reports, Russian forces claim to have shot down at least two drones over Kursk during the night to Monday (28 August, local time). A drone heading towards Moscow was also reportedly destroyed near Lyubertsy (Moscow Oblast). No casualties or damage have yet been reported.

Update 2023-08-28 (1): According to the sources, Russian forces repelled a drone attack on Monday night (28 August, local time) in the Bryansk Region. Reportedly, anti-aircraft defence shot down two drones over the southwest region close to the Ukrainian border. Material damages were reported. Additionally, flight operations at Domodedovo and Vnukovo International airports in Moscow were suspended on Monday night (28 August, local time) following a drone attack, which was resumed later.