China, Severe Weather, Level 3: Disruptions due to Tropical Storm Haikui in Guangdong and Fujian – China [Update 6]

Update 2023-09-05 (5): According to the sources, several rescuers died, while at least one went missing on Tuesday morning (5 September, local time) after Tropical Storm Haikui caused flooding that hit parts of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. Reportedly, at around 4:15 am (local time), a fire engine was swept away by floodwaters during a rescue operation in Chili Village of Yongtai County. Rescue operation remains ongoing for the missing one. Dongshan County is also affected.

Update 2023-09-05 (4): According to reports, authorities decided to maintain a Level-III emergency response level in Fujian and Guangdong due to the passage of Tropical Storm Haikui. The storm has reportedly continued to bring heavy rainfall and strong winds to the regions. The storm is reportedly expected to dissipate by Wednesday (6 September)

Update 2023-09-05 (3): The typhoon has made landfall in the coastal areas of Dongshan County in Fujian and Raoping County in Guangdong. While all 25 scenic spots at the coast were closed, evacuations tasks were completed in the affected areas. Hundreds of trains in Guangdong and 23 sea passenger routes east of Huizhou were suspended. In Yongtai, all passenger traffic has been suspended. Flight cancellations were reported as well. The typhoon is expected to move further west over land.

Update 2023-09-05 (2): According to the sources, around 114,400 people were evacuated on Tuesday morning (5 September, local time) as Typhoon Haikui made landfall in the Fujian Province. In Fuzhou city, two firefighters went missing when their fire truck, carrying nine rescue workers, was swept away by floodwaters during a rescue mission.

Update 2023-09-05 (1): According to the sources, due to Typhoon Haikui, heavy rainfall is expected to lash from Monday (4 September) to Thursday (7 September) across Fujian, Guangdong, and Jiangxi Provinces. Reportedly, cold snaps are likely to hit the north-eastern region and northern Hebei Province.