Israel, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Hamas attack from the Gaza Strip – Israel [Update 27]

Current information on the military operation and rocket warnings by the Israeli military: Israel Defence Forces

Ticker by local media: HaaretzThe Times of Israel

Update 2023-10-09 (8): Delta Airlines has cancelled all flight operations to and from Tel Aviv until 31 October due to the ongoing war between Israelis and Hamas.

Update 2023-10-09 (7): According to reports, the British Foreign Office now advises against all travel to areas located near the border with Gaza, including areas southwest of Ashkelon, south of Route 35 and west of Route 40 to Tllalim (except Beersheba), west of Beersheba, and north of Route 211. Israeli security forces clashed with militants near Mishmar HaNegev, Karmia, Rahat near the border with the Gaza Strip on Monday (9 October). Several casualties have been reported. Israeli authorities have stated that Israeli security forces are continuing to carry out security operations to locate militants in towns near the border with the Gaza Strip. Israeli authorities have also stated that no more militants are crossing the border from Gaza to Israel. Multiple towns near the border have been evacuated due to the violence. There have also been reports of airstrikes against targets in Tel Aviv and Netivot near Gaza. A factory in Sderot was also hit by a missile strike and is currently on fire. Hamas has also threatened to kill civilian hostages if Israeli forces continue to carry out air strikes against the Gaza Strip. Mexico is currently conducting humanitarian and evacuation flights from Israel. At least two planes were expected on Monday (9 October). Switzerland is also expected to carry out an evacuation flight for its citizens, which will leave Tel Aviv at 6:15 pm on Tuesday (10 October, local time). Several Russian citizens have reportedly been killed and injured during the violence. As of Monday evening (9 October, local time), the death toll in Israel had risen to over 900. 

Update 2023-10-09 (6): Several people were injured in rocket attacks in the Jerusalem area on Monday (9 October). Casualties were reported from Abu Gosh.
At least one person was also injured by a rocket in Sderot.

Update 2023-10-09 (5): According to recent reports, international victims include citizens of Brazil, Ireland, Cambodia, Canada, Panama and Paraguay.
The airlines easyJet, TAP, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic have also cancelled flights to Israel. Currently, flights are still being offered by El Al, flyDubai and Ryanair, among others.
Meanwhile, the death toll in Israel rose to at least 800 killed and 2,500 injured.

Update 2023-10-09 (4): According to reports, exchanges of fire between militants and Israeli security forces were reported in Kfar Aza (Southern District) and at least one militant was killed on Monday (9 October). Romania carried out several evacuation flights on Monday (9 October), evacuating around 245 Romanian citizens. Nepal is currently working to coordinate a retrieval and evacuation flight for its citizens. Thailand is also planning to carry out evacuations of its citizens beginning on Wednesday (11 October). Several rockets were launched against Ashdod and Ashkelon (Southern District) on Monday (9 October), leading to several injuries. A rocket also made impact near Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv on Monday, however no injuries or damage have been reported.

Update 2023-10-09 (3): On Monday (9 October), the Israeli security forces reported that all towns on the border with the Gaza Strip were now under control again. However, it is possible that there are still attackers in the villages. The most recent fighting took place in Alumim, Be’eri. Holit and Sufa, in which several fighters were killed. Nevertheless, all 24 border communities are to be evacuated. The city of Sderot is exempt.
At the same time, Hamas announced that more people were captured on Monday.
Several countries have now begun evacuation flights. Among others, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary flew out people from Israel.
Meanwhile, the authorities of the respective countries confirmed that several Thai and Filipino citizens are also among the international victims.
Other airlines announced the suspension of their flights to and from Israel. Among them are Finnair, Hainan Airlines, Korean Air, Delta Airlines and United Airlines.