Israel, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Hamas attack from the Gaza Strip – Israel [Update 36]

Update 2023-10-11 (3): Multiple other countries have now announced evacuation flights. These include Argentina, Brazil, Spain, South Korea and Canada. Germany announced that it would operate special flights in cooperation with Lufthansa on Thursday and Friday (12 and 13 October). Those willing to leave the country should register on the Elefand crisis preparedness list.

Update 2023-10-11 (2): On Wednesday (11 October), several airlines announced they would limit or suspend their flights to Israel. EasyJet will suspend flights to Tel Aviv until 13 October. British Airways is giving its customers the opportunity to rebook their flights free of charge. Ryanair will suspend its flights until 11 October. Virgin Atlantic is continuing to fly to Tel Aviv, but is also letting its customers rebook or cancel their flights. In total, at least 3,000 people have now been killed in the fighting.

Update 2023-10-11 (1): As per the reports from Tuesday (10 October), several terrorists were killed during the security operation near the Ashkelon in the Southern District. Additionally, thousands of Argentinian citizens are being evacuated from Israel due to the escalating conflict after the death of several Argentines and multiple others reportedly missing after the Hamas attack.