Germany, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Riot during Halloween in Harburg and Hamburg – Lower Saxony, Germany

2023-11-01: Water cannons were fired on hundreds of people by security officials on Tuesday evening (31 October, local time) following riots during the Halloween festival in District Harburg of Lower Saxony State. Reportedly, Firecrackers were busted on security officials by people. Additionally, many people were detained.Moreover, material damage to a supermarket was reported and garbage containers were set on fire in Lurup in Hamburg city. In the Saint Georg neighbourhood, dozens of people were waving Palestine flags and chanting relevant slogans. Thousands of security forces were deployed in the area.
Heightened security measures and operations of security forces are to be expected. Violent clashes between protesters and security forces are possible. Travellers are advised to exercise caution, to strictly avoid demonstrations, road blockades, large gatherings, and deployments of security forces, and to follow instructions from security forces.