United Kingdom, Severe Weather, Level 3: Severe weather warning for the northeast of Scotland, the south of England, Northern Ireland and Wales – United Kingdom [Update 8]

Update 2023-11-01 (3): Storm Ciaran is anticipated to impact Northern Ireland and southern England from Wednesday evening (1 November, local time) until Thursday (2 November). Due to storm Ciaran, many flights have been delayed and cancelled and are expected to remain un-operational until Saturday (4 November) across the nation. Due to the extreme weather conditions, ferry services between the nation and France have been suspended until Friday morning (3 November, local time). Moreover, airports like Heathrow and Jersey are facing cancellations, leading to disruptions of dozens of flights from various airlines. Train service across the nation anticipates significant disruption, with warnings in place until at least Saturday (4 November).

Update 2023-11-01 (2): Due to the approaching storm Ciaran, the airports of the Channel Islands Guernsey and Jersey were also closed on Wednesday (1 November). Medical facilities are limited to emergency operations.

Update 2023-11-01 (1): British weather authorities have raised the storm warning for the coastal areas of Essex on Wednesday (1 November) to the level “Amber”. This is to apply from Thursday morning (2 November, 6 am local time) until 8 pm. Warning level “Yellow” is already in force in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Buckinghamshire. Meanwhile, Southern Railway expects widespread cancellations on the rail network with no replacement services. Some ferry services between Newhaven and Dieppe have already been cancelled.