Palestinian Territories, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Fighting on the border with Israel and countermeasures by the Israeli military – Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories [Update 91]

Update 2023-11-05 (4): Intense bombing for more than an hour was carried out by the Israeli forces on Sunday evening (5 November, local time) around several hospitals in the north of the Gaza Strip, shortly after telecommunications were cut off. Additionally, dozens of people were killed and injured following an artillery shelling by the Israeli forces on a residential area in the middle of the Jabalia refugee camp and al-Bureij refugee camp in Gaza Strip.

Update 2023-11-05 (3): The Indian flag carrier, Air India, has reportedly suspended its scheduled flights to Tel Aviv until 30 November in view of the ongoing tensions between Israel and Hamas. In addition, internet services and phone connections were again cut in Gaza.

Update 2023-11-05 (2): According to the sources from Sunday (5 November), dozens of people were killed following an Israeli airstrike on the al-Maghazi refugee camp. Reportedly, residents around the area have been advised to evacuate. Details are still emerging. In addition, the Israeli forces reported shelling of 2500 targets on Sunday (5 November) against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Hamas infrastructure, weapons depots, observation posts, and command and control centres were affected.

Update 2023-11-05 (1): Dozens of people were killed on Saturday (4 November) following a violent attack by Israeli forces on Al-Maghazi Camp in the Deir al-Balah Governorate in the central Gaza Strip. In addition, the Israeli forces are also aiming their weapons at the Hamas as they advance in the Gaza Strip from both north and the south.