Palestinian Territories, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Unrest and security operations linked to Hamas attack on Israel – West Bank, Palestinian Territories [Update 61]

Update 2023-11-20 (3): According to sources from Monday (20 November), hundreds of Palestinian families face severe restrictions at the H2 area in Hebron, West Bank. Reportedly, people are permitted to leave their homes only on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. During these days, they are allowed a mere one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, totalling just six hours per week. Moreover, property and material damages are reported across the area following the restrictions.

Update 2023-11-20 (2): Israeli security forces raided several locations in the West Bank on Monday morning (20 November, local time). According to Palestinian media reports, at least one person was killed by shots near the Al-Arroub refugee camp in the Hebron region. At least 38 Palestinians are said to have been arrested.

Update 2023-11-20 (1): On Sunday (19 November), several Israeli civilian vehicles were shot at near the town of Salfit. Palestinian groups are said to have set up roadblocks on Route 5 near al-Zawiya, which have since been removed. There is an increased presence of security forces in the area.