Iraq, Terrorism, Level 3: Fighting around the US base Al Asad – Al Anbar, Iraq [Update 1]

Update 2023-11-21: Several militants were killed, while several members of the U.S. security forces were injured on Tuesday morning (21 November, local time) during the U.S. security forces retaliation strike against Iran-backed militants, who launched a ballistic missile attack from a truck against al-Asad Airbase in western Iraq, material damage has also been reported.

2023-11-21: On Tuesday morning (21 November, local time) there were missile attacks on the Al Asad Airbase in Al Anbar Governorate. At the same time, a truck on its way from Baghdad to Al Anbar was also shot at in the Abu Ghraib area. It is suspected that US troops fired on the truck in response to the rocket attacks.
Heightened security measures and operations of security forces are to be expected. Armed clashes are possible during arrests of terror suspects. Travellers are advised to exercise high caution, to strictly avoid operations of security forces, and to follow instructions from security forces.