Palestinian Territories, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Fighting on the border with Israel and countermeasures by the Israeli military – Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories [Update 140]

Update 2023-11-21 (3): According to reports from Tuesday (21 November), at least two additional hospitals in the Gaza Strip have asked to be evacuated after Al-Shifa hospital, including the Indonesian Hospital and Al-Ahli Hospital. Around 220 Germans as well as dozens of Australian, Swedish, Portuguese, and French citizens were able to leave the Gaza Strip on Tuesday (21 November) via the Rafah border crossing.

Update 2023-11-21 (2): The residents of several neighborhoods in the cities of Gaza and Jabalia were ordered by the Israeli military on Tuesday (21 November) to move to the south by 4:00 pm (local time). More than 20,000 people had already fled from the north to the south of Gaza on Monday (20 November). A four-hour ceasefire was announced for a district of Rafah near the border crossing with Egypt. According to media reports, a total of 250 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip were attacked overnight Monday (19/20 November, local time). Infrastructure and rocket launchers were destroyed. Telecommunications in the Gaza Strip have been interrupted following an airstrike. The village of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip is completely surrounded by the Israeli army. There were air strikes against Hamas tunnels there, and fighting broke out in the northern part of the city. Several Hamas fighters were killed. According to media reports, several civilians were killed and dozens more injured in airstrikes on a school in Al-Faluja and residential buildings in Bait Lahiya. On Tuesday (21 November), the Federal Foreign Office issued a recommendation for German citizens to leave the Gaza Strip and the West Bank due to the state of war.

Update 2023-11-21 (1): Multiple Palestinian nationals were killed on Monday night (20 November, local time) following an Israeli bombing on the Nuseirat camp in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, multiple people were killed, while dozens of others were injured after Israeli forces struck the Indonesian hospital in the Gaza Strip. Reportedly, hundreds of people were evacuated from the devastated facility to the Nasser complex in Khan Younes following the strikes. Moreover, the Israeli forces have discovered a weapons depot and a Hamas rocket production facility in the basement of a mosque in the Gaza Strip.